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Employer Benefits Consulting, LLC

Our Mission

As the rise in healthcare costs continues to outpace inflation, the private and public sector is increasingly struggling to manage the growing costs of employee health benefits.  In many cases, the employers who shoulder the biggest financial burden for healthcare benefits have asked their employees to assume greater levels of financial responsibility.  However, that is a stop-gap measure that provides only temporary relief because it does not take any real cost out of the system. Increasingly, public and private sectors are demanding a long-term solution: benefits programs that are more cost-effective because they go beyond just managing cost by fostering a healthy workforce, improving overall productivity, and offering employees more choices and control over their healthcare decisions. This demand is spurring a growing movement to consumerism in healthcare.


Employer Benefits Consulting assists our clients in understanding how the implementation of a consumerism strategy will improve healthcare and reduce costs without reducing benefits. We do this by linking health advocacy, actionable information, and the right incentives to make employees more knowledgeable consumers of healthcare. We will look at the products available in the marketplace and provide practical insight into the new terms (e.g., H.S.A., HRA, and CDHP).  By listening and keeping aligned with each client, our expert, responsible advice and services are designed to help each of our clients select the plan and carrier that best meets their individual needs.


Our approach to business is to understand the needs and constraints of our clients. We strive to respond with innovative and carefully crafted solutions.  We serve our clients promptly, courteously, and proficiently.

We approach the area of service tenaciously and with a goal of nothing less than exceptional customer service.

What We Do

The implementation of new or revised employee benefit plans requires careful coordination and insight with company management and outside professionals.


A successful compensation and employee benefit program must meet employee needs, be in compliance with government regulations, and meet organized labor demands.  Industry knowledge, planning, and administrative expertise are essential to the establishment of a cost-effective employee benefit program.

Who We Are:

  • Among South Florida’s largest benefit consultants representing over 1000 clients

  • Clients with 5 to 500 employees

  • Annual premium sales in excess of $100 Million

  • Preferred brokers with AvMed, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health Care, Neighborhood Health Partnership and Humana

  • Agents sit on the AvMed and Blue Cross Blue Shield Agent’s Advisory Council

Our Services include the design, implementation, and monitoring of:

  • Employee Benefit plans    (including Medical, Dental, Life, Disability, & Vision)

  • Retirement plans    (including 401k, Defined Benefit Plans & Profit-Sharing Plans)

  • Non-qualified plans    (including Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans)

  • Section 125 Pre-Tax Cafeteria plans    (including POP, HRA, H.S.A. and FSA)

  • Voluntary Dental, Disability & Life Insurance (at no cost to employer)

  • Employee Communication Programs

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“Putting the pieces together by providing solutions

through experience,

innovative ideas, and service”

We treat each client like they are our only customer.

How We Work:

  • Meeting with key personnel involved in the evaluation and implementations of benefits

  • Review of existing healthcare plans and other benefits

  • Determining actual needs: goals, short, and long-term objectives

  • Request of information to all current carriers

  • Analysis of loss runs and tendencies

  • Request quotes to all suitable carriers depending on the group needs

  • Present comparative report and benefit analysis

  • Include recommendations based on needs and goals

  • Negotiate and contract

  • Prepare and assist during enrollment

  • Implement

  • Give support in day-to-day client/carrier relations and customer service