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Planning Your Company's Medical Benefits

One of the most complicated aspects of running a business today involves providing health and medical benefits. At Employer Benefits Consulting, LLC, we take the mystery out of health coverage. When you need experts, you need us!

As healthcare costs outpace inflation, both the private and public sectors are increasingly struggling to manage the growing costs of employee health benefits. Some employers have asked their employees to assume greater levels of financial responsibility.

Shifting responsibility to employees is only a stop-gap measure. You need a cost-effective program that does more than just manage health care costs. Employer Benefits Consulting, LLC helps you offer more choices and control over their health care decisions. Contact us for details.

Health care costs are rising faster than inflation

Taking the real costs out of health care

  • Small group health plans

  • Large group health plans

  • Individual group health plans

  • Complete insurance programs

  • Umbrella policies available

Extensive implementation and monitoring of:

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