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Offering a Full-Range of Insurance Coverages

With Employer Benefits Consulting, LLC, you get much more than just health and medical insurance. You get a full range of insurance plans, including vision, dental, and life insurance too. To find out what we offer and how little it will cost, contact us today!

  • Property and casualty

  • Worker's compensation

  • Commercial general liability and property

  • Flood insurance

  • Business auto and fleets

Other important insurance coverages

Can you shrink your health care costs and expand benefits at the same time? Of course you can, when you do it through Employer Benefits Consulting, LLC. By linking health advocacy, actionable information, and the right incentives, our responsible experts help find the right plan and carrier for you. Contact us today for more details about coverages.

Cut health care costs without cutting benefits

Whether your office has a handful or hundreds of employees, Employer Benefits Consulting, LLC makes sure they're all offered a health care plan that works for them and for you too. Our agents sift through the ever-changing pile of information to keep you informed.

For everyone from individuals up to large groups

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